Teacher Collaboration: International Consulting

We are an international group of consultants helping teachers around the world collaborate more effectively. We are experienced in international education, problem solving, teacher collaboration, and bridging boundaries and cultures.


Collaborative Practices for Educators

Sessions are available in a variety of formats to support educators who want to initiate or extend adult professional collaboration in their schools by developing and sustaining Collaborative Practices for Educators. The Critical Friendship model is the basis of the work. Begun in the fall of 1995 at the Annenberg Institute at Brown University, the model is focused on developing collaborative school communities, encouraging reflective practice, and rethinking leadership — all in support of increased student achievement.

Services include:

  • Introductory one-day sessions
  • School-based in-service sessions
  • Administrator sessions/retreats
  • Conference presentations
  • Multi-day institutes
  • Five-day or 40-hour 3-credit courses/institutes
  • Ongoing school coaching for implementation

 The model helps educators create what Stanford’s Milbrey McLaughlin calls “learning communities” in their settings, where practitioners collaborate to deepen their knowledge of subject matter, examine their teaching practice with a critical eye, and consider issues of organizational change that support improved classroom practice. The model emphasizes making one’s practice public, continuously assessing teaching in relation to student learning, and routinely adapting teaching practices and school structures to meet the changing needs of today’s students.